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Halodex Image 150.00 USD Buy 5+ for 142.50 USD and save 37.50 USD


General information:

Manufacturer: Sciroxx
Substance: Fluoxymesterone
Pack: 100 tabs (10mg/tab)


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Halodex (Fluoxymesterone) by Sciroxx is popular among individuals willing to maintain specific weight target and it’s based on certain parameters. This steroid is developed through testosterone alteration with three major groups which include 9-fluoro group, 17 alpha methyl group and 11 beta-hydroxy group. The 9-fluoro group is important root for Flyoxymesterone’s chemical name. The structural changes have made it possible to survive oral ingestion so that it can remain active after transition through liver without getting eradicated.

The addition of 17 alpha methyl group prevents the transformation to estrogen. The drug is considered to be highly anabolic, it is a good choice for 5a reduction and change to DHT. Usually it is considered 8.5x androgenic and 19x anabolic as testosterone, but such figures cannot be actually true. There has not been any valid proof for people taking 10mgs of Halodex per day and reporting and muscle gain similar to intake of 200 mgs of testosterone every day. Realistically people who take Halodex have reported considerable strength gain but weight gain through intake of this drug is very meager.

Since Halodex does not cause estrogenic activity, there is a visible gain in strength for athletes and it is preferred in pre-competition phase. There can be some impact in liver as this drug is considered hepatoxic, but it’s preferred by athletes and bodybuilders to gain strength and aggression. Halodex is suggested to be taken in mild doses of 40mgs per day. It’s not deemed to be safe to intake this drug for a period beyond 6 weeks on continuous stretch due to negative side effects. It can be taken by bodybuilders and athletes before a fight or competition, but higher dosage is extremely harmful to person’s health. Bodybuilders with fewer amounts of fats have found to gain weight and quality muscles through this drug. As it helps in improving the red blood cells and hemoglobin content in the body, it also results in fat loss.



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